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Very Happy, Good Price (3/5/2018)
Accent had the best price on this DSC Kit 3251. Very good unit and Accent had it delivered inside of a week. This Kit has the PK5500, the deluxe alpha keypad, which is what you want. Don't buy the PK5501.

Bob - Crossville, TN
Accent Sales and Technical Support (3/5/2018)
Accent Sales and technical staff are extremely knowledgeable about the products that they sell and install. Their support went well above and beyond what we asked for. Great company!!

David - Lansing MI
Accent Alarms & Our New System (3/5/2018)
I am so impressed with the level of professional ability, quick response and a system that is very user friendly as well as extremely secure. I highly recommend Sean & Josie as the force behind a really good company - Accent Alarms, Inc.

Maureen - Broomfield, CO
Great Job (3/5/2018)
I was helped tremendously by Josie from your company. She was courteous, informative and worked to get my order in fast. I would highly recommend this company to anyone.

Donna - Lindenhurst NY
Network Admin (3/5/2018)
Sean is easy to get along with and very knowledgeable about the products.

Tara - Colorado Trust - Denver CO
If only there was a 10 rating! (3/5/2018)
Accent Alarms has always done on outstanding job. On every job we have had them do; the word "exceptional” doesn’t even come close to the quality of the finished product. Problems with the completed product rarely arise, but if they do Accent Alarms is quick to fix it. If for any reason they can not make it out to you in a few min, they are very good in assisting you over the phone. Accent Alarms has exceeded our expectations in everything they have done for our organization. I would readily recommend them to whom-ever is looking for a quality job in anything security related!

Chris - Englewood, CO
Don't buy cheap (3/5/2018)
We are very impressed with this camera. Tried cheaper cameras and the result was wasted money. If you want a camera that provides a usable image this camera is worth checking out.

Sean - Lakewood
Accent Alarms review (3/5/2018)
Sean did a very thorough job for us. He installed the system, walked us through training, came back to install cameras. Sean is very professional, does a great job, smiles the entire time, doesn't leave until he reviews everything with you and you are satisfied. Our system works great.

Sean - Lakewood
Excellent Service (3/5/2018)
It was a pleasure dealing with Sean and Josie McNeal of Accent Alarms Inc, once in a while a transaction goes according to the textbook and this was one of them.

Allen - Honolulu, HI
Quality Service (3/5/2018)
In dealing with Accent Alarms I have noticed a considerable concern for professionalism as well as the best quality of service and honesty that any customer would be amazed by.

Scott - Englewood, CO
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