Automatic Vehicle Gate Loop Detectors

Video Discussing the latest technology in Loop Detectors


Vehicle Loop Detectors are used in conjunction with vehicle detection loops to detect vehicular traffic traveling or stopping overhead in a roadway. These are commonly used to trigger traffic lights and you have undoubtedly traveled over thousands of them without even realizing it. In the automated gate industry we use these devices to trigger gates to open for access and egress and also to serve as safety devices that protect vehicles in the path of the gate. Loop detectors can be used for a variety of other purposes including counting vehicular traffic, arrival notifications, and turning on driveway lighting. Although it is common to install loops for safety they do not meet UL325 compliance because they only detect vehicular traffic and not pedestrians or animals.

While loop detectors are not mandated by the UL325, they are an extremely important part of your gate system.  UL325 is specifically designed to protect people, to protect your traffic, gate, and to take advantage of many of the features of an automatic vehicle gate loops are critical. 

Beware as some contractors will not install vehicle loops to give you a lower price.  What is the cost of cutting this important part of a gate system?  How much will it cost to replace your gate, repair the vehicle that it could hit?  Sometimes your contactor will include vehicle loops, but install them in a sub-standard manner and they will fail shortly after installation.  This has happened to us, a local Fence Contractor who has a sister company who installs gate operators so called "professionals" installed three brand new loops and they failed almost immediately.  Accent Alarms tested these loops with industry accepted methods using a megger and they ultimately, but very reluctantly replaced the loops.  But the original loops were installed with the new driveway and were buried, the new loops are saw-cut in the surface of the driveway.  Further down the road those sawcuts will fail too.   Avoid this type of mess and give us a call!

In addition to using buried (in ground) loops that are installed inside your driveway surface, we also use a newer technologies that uses laser beams to detect vehicles and can be programed to size, direction and to detect or ignore people without excavating/tearing up your driveway.   We are working on getting a video of one of these installations for you soon.

To see our product page on the laser vehicle detector click here

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