Automatic Electric Gate Maintenance

Automatic Gate Preventative Maintenance!

It is extremely important for you to maintain your automatic vehicle or pedestrian gates to ensure that they are safe along with ensuring they provide you with years of trouble-free operation.  Accent Alarms has over 25 years of experience maintaining electric automatic vehicle gates.  Whether your gate is a slide gate, swing gate, pivot gate or tilt gate we can maintain it for you.  Just like your automobile, if you fail to maintain your automatic vehicle gate it will very likely lead to costly repairs or even complete replacement of you gate operator and/or gate down the road.  Additionally, failure to maintain your gate can lead to serious risk of injury or even death should one or more of your safety devices fail.  Don’t take that risk, let us help you ensure that your gate is properly maintain.

Accent Alarms has extensive experience providing end-to-end gate solutions.  When you call us, your technician will be Sean.  He has over 20 years of experience working on automatic vehicle gates. If you want it done right and you want your service technician to know what they are doing, give us call and you'll get our best technician to work on your gate!

Do you need service on your existing automatic tilt gate, slide gate or swing gate? Did your fence contracting install your gate and now you would like it fixed? We can help you with that too. We have most repair parts with us and we clearly have the know-how and experience.
We also highly recommend having preventive maintenance performed on your vehicle gate.  We have seen this service ignored and it can lead to increased risk of damage of your gate and increasing the risk of damaging vehicles and most importantly you gate has the potential to cause injuries.  Don't wait and don't be reactive; be proactive and call us today to schedule a preventive gate maintenance visit.  You can also book an appointment using the link on the right side of our webpages.

Here is a video of Sean recently replacing the cables inside an Ideal Tilt-A-Way vertical pivot gate.  This failure can often be prevented with regular preventive maintenance of your tilt-gate.

Accent Alarms installed Gates

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