HID ProxPass II Active TagHID 1351

ACCENT-1351 5kg
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Buy the HID ProxPass II from us, an authorized dealer and get free shipping.   The HID 1351 is an active credential designed for vehicle access control. Ten (10) per order.

The ProxPass® II is an active tag specifically designed for vehicle access control. Providing convenient access control for parking and fleet management applications, ProxPass II is an ideal augmentation to an existing or new HID proximity installation. The ProxPass II can be encoded with any HID format and numbering system used by HID proximity cards, including the Corporate 1000 format.
  • Access door permits convenient battery replacement.
  • Provides up to eight foot read range.
  • Velcro backing attaches easily to interior of vehicle windshield.
  • Attractive, durable sealed case.
  • Compatible with MaxiProx® reader and all HID card formats.
  • Two to five year battery life, depending on usage.
  • Competitively priced as compared to VHF vehicle tags.
The most common 125kHz proximity format is 26-bit (also referred to as the H10301 format).
When ordering 26-bit H10301 format credentials, you will need to provide the facility code, a number that must be between 0 and 255. For a 26-bit format, every proximity card will have a unique start serial number programmed into it, between 0 and 65,535.
Bit Format: 26 (125kHz Standard) / H10301
Facility Code Range: 0-255
Number Range: 0-65,535
Your facility code and current serial number range can typically be found on the label of the latest box of credentials you have.
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