Schlage 7510 Prox Card, HID Compatible

Schlage 7510 5kg
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Buy the Schlage 7510 Prox Card, HID Compatible from an us, an authorized dealer and get free shipping! The Schlage 7510 is a ISO (Thin) Proximity Card, 125 Khz access control credential that is HID compatible. Same as the HID-1386, except more cost effective and delivered quicker. (100 Cards)

The XceedID 7500 Series Prox ISO Cards are comparable to HID 1336 and 1386 proximity cards. The ISO compliant card is similar in size and thickness to traditional credit cards. The reason it is referred to as an ISO card is that its dimensions comply with standards specified in applicable ISO guidelines. The smooth, high quality surface is ideal for printing of custom artwork, images and photographs. An optional magnetic stripe is also available. ISO cards are the most popular credentials for large corporate photo ID badging. If you are unsure of you card format or style send us a couple of cards and we can test them for you. See our FAQ's

The most common 125kHz proximity format is 26-bit (also referred to as the H10301 format). This Schlage Key Fob from Allegion is an alternative and compatible product that compares to HID 1346 ProxKey III with 26-bit H10301 format.

When ordering 26-bit H10301 format credentials, you will need to provide the facility code, a number that must be between 0 and 255. For a 26-bit format, every proximity card will have a unique start serial number programmed into it, between 0 and 65,535.

Bit Format: 26 (125kHz Standard) / H10301
Facility Code Range: 0-255
Number Range: 0-65,535

Your facility code and current serial number range can typically be found on the label of the latest box of credentials you have.

Special Note: As of September 2017, all aptiQ and XceedID readers transitioned to the Schlage brand. Although the brand name has changed, all part numbers and products remain the same. Forward and backward compatibility does not change and products may be used interchangeably.

Schlage 7510 is formerly branded XceedID 7510.


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