Schlage 7410 Prox Card: HID Compatible

Schlage 7410 5kg
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Buy the Schlage 7410 Prox Card: HID Compatible from an us, an authorized dealer and get free shipping! The Schlage 7410 is a Clamshell Proximity Card, 125 Khz access control credential that is HID compatible. Same as the HID-1326, except more cost effective and delivered quicker. (100 Cards)    The default is for the Identiv version of this card, which is the same exact technology.   Schlage can be selected below, there is an additional fee they started charging.

Unless selected, the default is the Identiv version of this card.   The Schlage 7400 Series proximity card is comparable to the HID 1326 access card. The clamshell style card is a highly durable and cost effective card that is thicker and more rigid than a typical credit card or ISO compliant access card. The thickness and rigidity make this card ideal for harsh environments. The card comes with a vertical slot punch allowing the card to be clipped to a shirt, blouse or jacket with traditional badge holders or clips. If you are unsure of you card format or style send us a couple of cards and we can test them for you. (see our FAQ's)

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