DIY - No Contact/No Installer Video System

No Contact/No Touch Easy Install (DIY) Security Camera(s)

With the recent and very sudden changes, we have an amazing solution that will allow you to add security cameras to your business without having to have risk meeting a salesperson or having an installer install it for you! is the premier solution for intrusion, access control, energy management and video monitoring.  With over 7 Million subscribers you know you are getting an incredible cutting-edge solution!  During the stay at home order we can get you started with our amazing video solution and once we are over the Covid-19 pandemic we can offer you additional solutions/products to supplement your initial video solution.

Getting Started is quick and easy, if you can connect your phone, laptop, tablet to WiFi you can add these High Definition cameras to your office.  The solution is KISS (Keep It Stupid Simple) and includes step-by-step instructions and follow along videos.   You will have two pieces to this extremely simple solution!

Easy Puzzle Piece #1 subscription.  

Note: also requires a one time/per serivce activation fee

Easy Puzzle, Piece #2

Add any camera (up to 8 with the above subscription service).  These can be any camera and they come in two main variaties:

  • Wireless (easy DIY installation) or
  • Wired (more advanced installation).

Wireless cameras plug it into any electrical outlet/plug, close to the camera and connect it to your existing WiFi.  Easy to follow instructions and videos.  You can set this camera on shelf, table, counter, or mount it to the wall! 

Wired cameras require a network cable and Power over Ethernet (PoE) connections.   These can be more of a challenge if you are not familiar with network wiring/topology.

That’s it!   You can log into your account and set you camera to send Notifications and clips directly to your phone or tablet!   We can assist you in setting up your account and we know you are going to love using your new account and will be asking us to add more incredible features soon!


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