Axis M2026-LE Mk II Extended Warranty

Part #:Axis M2026-LE (0912-600) Extended Warranty

Axis 0912-600 M2026-LE Mk II Extended Warranty

2 years extension of the warranty period
Note 1: Maximum warranty on cameras/encoders/decoders/access control is 5 years including standard warranty. No possibility to extend total warranty beyond 5 years.
Note 2: The warranty code must be redeemed within 6 months after purchase (=code delivery). After that the code will be voided.

Extended warranty
Axis provides 3 years limited hardware warranty depending on the product.
AXIS Extended Warranty is a service available for purchase offering the possibility to extend such Warranty. It covers cameras, video encoders, video decoders and physical access control products, and is sold in 2-year extension blocks for a total warranty period of maximum 5 years.

You need to order and register the extended warranty within 6 months from product purchase.

Extend the warranty in 4 basic steps

This is all you need to do:
  • Order a warranty code that includes as many warranty extensions as you need, for a total warranty period of maximum five years.
  • Collect your network video products in a site in MyInventory.
  • Redeem the warranty code in MyInventory.
  • Finally, register warranty extensions for each network video product in MyInventory.

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