Double End of Line (DEOL) Resister 1K/1K

Part #:ATMOD-1K-1

This is single (1 unit) pre-built Double End of Line (DEOL) resistor pack (1K/1K) with quick connect terminals designed to make terminating alarm/access control devices fast and error free. Simply strip alarm wires about 5mm, twist and insert into the resistor pack. A small tab identifies the end that should be connected to the alarm sensor/reed switch ect. No terminal driver required. The wire insulation can be pushed a short way into the resistor pack terminal so that no copper wire is visible. Connections to devices without flying leads such as a break glass unit is as simple as taking a few seconds to strip short pieces of wire to act as a flying lead between the resistor pack and any device with terminals.


Gone are the days of fiddly soldering or crimping individual resistors only to have them break or find out your apprentice has installed them all backwards! A new apprentice or even untrained staff can install alarm devices using the JackFuse Resistor Pack in a fraction of the time traditionally required.


  • Pre-built EOL resistor network package
  • Quick connect push in terminals
  • Tab to easily identify correct orientation
  • Color coded insulation
  • Tiny, will fit in most alarm devices, frames or duct work
  • Rugged, damage resistant construction

Yellow – 4K7/4K7 Resistors – Special Order - (email us)
Red – 10K/10K Resistors – Special Order - (email us)
Blue – 6K8/2K2 Resistors – Special Order - (email us)
Black – 1K/1K Resistors – Lenel, Open Options Systems

Patent 2012100256


The terminals are special Phoenix Contact connectors and designed to work with wire sizes within the below range.

Min conductor size (stranded)  24 AWG
Max conductor size  20 AWG

 In practice we have been able to use smaller conductors if they are stiff or tinned and larger (up to 18 AWG) conductors with no problems.

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