Schlage 9551 ISO, Thin MiFare Smart Card

Part #:Schlage 9551
$650.00 $409.95

Buy the Schlage 9551 ISO, Thin MiFare Smart Card from an us, an authorized dealer and get free shipping! The Schlage 9551 is a ISO contactless smart card (13.56 MHz Credential: MIFARE) with 1 Kbyte/8k bit memory/14443. 100 Cards

Schlage® 13.56 MHz contactless smart credentials provide smarter, more secure access control solutions. Offered with either MIFARE Classic®, MIFARE Plus® or MIFARE® DESFire® EV1 technologies, Schlage smart credentials utilize high-security encryption to ensure the protection of sensitive information. Beyond access control, Schlage smart credentials deliver safe access to transit, cashless vending, cafeteria point-of-sale and other transactions and applications.

Schlage smart credentials offer a wide range of storage options and are available in a variety of form factors to fit any facility or business need, including ISO style cards, clamshell cards, wristbands, keyfobs and adhesive patches.

Special Note: As of September 2017, all aptiQ and XceedID credentials transitioned to the Schlage brand. Although the brand name has changed, all part numbers and products remain the same. Forward and backward compatibility does not change and products may be used interchangeably.
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