Potter EWP-202C Wireless Door Annoucer

Part #:EWP202C Amseco
$291.00 $249.95

Buy the Amseco EWP-202C Wireless Door Annoucer from us, an authorized dealer and get free shipping! The Amseco EWP-202C is a two channel wireless annunciator (door chime) system designed with a superior dual counter and active infrared technology. It delivers a pleasant chime along with a recorded count. It emits a continuous, invisible dual beam across the doorway to the reflector. When either beam is interrupted, it announces the entrance or exit of customers with a pleasant, distinguishable chime sound. Each event is counted, recorded, and registered by the built-in digital counter and can be viewed and compared later in both modes. The annunciator is also equipped with an alert mode that sounds the built-in siren when triggered, adding additional security. This is ideal for malls, office buildings, liquor stores, warehouses, parking structures, medical offices, and more

This is one of our top selling models. The most common question is can I turn off the chime? Yes, you can. :)

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