Potter PAL-328N Piezo Sounder

Part #:PAL328 Amseco

Buy the Amseco PAL-328N Piezo Sounder from us, an authorized dealer and get free shipping! The Amseco PAL-328 Piezo Alert is an advanced electronic audible signal device that emits a compelling sound with minimum current draw. This solid state device operates from as little as 3V DC to as much as 28V DC and is rated at 20mA. Sound output is proportional to input voltages and ranges from a minimum of 68dB to over 100dB at 28V DC at 1 ft.

When ordering Potter/Amseco products there may be a delay in shipping as Amseco has a minimum order of $125 on all Amseco parts and it may take a few days to accumulate enough orders to meet this requirement. Often we do have Amseco products ready for immediate shipping, we also often have similar products that we can suggest as alternates available without these requirements, please inquire at [email protected]
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