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17 November 2017

If you want to keep false alarms to a minimum, radar detection is the solution.

The strongest security solutions take advantage of a strategic mix of technologies to achieve the best results. Every tool in the toolbox has a role to play, and radar’s is an important one:

Radar keeps false alarms to a minimum. And it provides crucial information about detected objects that video cameras can’t – such as their exact position, and the speed and direction of their movement.

Radar uses electromagnetic waves to detect movement. Because radar is not sensitive to the things that normally trigger false alarms. Like moving shadows or light beams, small animals, raindrops or insects, wind, and bad weather. Radar is accurate 24-hours a day. So false alarms are less likely to distract your staff from real threats – and cost you money.

A motion detector based on radar is the perfect complement to your Axis video surveillance system. In addition to triggering an alarm when it detects an intruder, it can also trigger recording for visual verification.

And they’re quick and easy to integrate with Axis Camera Station, Axis Camera Management and partner video management systems.

Axis D2050-VE Network Radar Detector (Click to visit Axis Product Page)

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