Go Mobile with your Video!

28 August 2012

Fluidity is Fluidmesh’s response to an increasing demand in reliable mobile connectivity and can be used to provide broadband connectivity to moving vehicles such as buses, subways, trains, ferries, and cars. Thanks to a decade of experience in wireless networks and out-of-the-box thinking, Fluidmesh has been able to develop a revolutionary wireless system that delivers up to 100 Mbps of usable throughput up to 200 mph and fully supports video, voice, and data.

Fully supported by Fluidmesh MITO and ENDO series, Fluidity allows you to walk away from the unreliable and overpriced cellular or satellite data plans and finally operate on your own network without recurring costs, monthly fees, spotty coverage, or limited bandwidth.

Fluidity is available as an add-on feature and can be activated through a software plug-in. Once activated, the radio becomes a high-throughput low-latency mobile device featuring an extremely fast handover protocol designed from the ground up by the Fluidmesh R&D.

"Fluidmesh wireless solutions are evolving to meet our customers’ developing needs," notes Alessandro Erta, Fluidmesh CTO. "Fluidity is the result of three years of research in the field of mobility using wireless mesh networks. The performance we have been able to deliver is a breakthrough in the industry," he continues. "To design Fluidity, we approached the mobility problem from a completely different point of view. Our goal was to build a solution not only suited for Internet browsing but for real-time streaming of video, voice and mission critical applications.”

Erta continues, "Mobility requires complex network operations such as handoff, IP address negotiation and mesh infrastructure point-of-access selection. We have taken a completely novel approach by designing, from the ground up, a cross-layer switching framework to completely hide these operations from user devices like cameras and VoIP phones. The result is an incredibly solid network.”

But there’s even more. "Fluidity allows building redundant multi-tier mesh network infrastructures. This means that the large mobile vehicles can be outfitted with multiple Fluidmesh wireless routers at the same time and Fluidity can leverage them to select the best point-of-access per network infrastructure available at any point in time, thus providing better coverage, redundancy and fault-tolerance.”

"Fluidity offers an unmatched performance with an average handoff time of 3 milliseconds which is way more than an order of magnitude smaller than traditional wireless solution. This means fluid video with no service disruptions, perfect voice quality and a compelling Web browsing experience… all this even at a hundred miles per hour.”

Cosimo Malesci, Fluidmesh EVP of Sales and Marketing adds "One need not look any farther than their cell phone when considering how mobility has dramatically changed the usefulness of the telephone. The ability to communicate on the move allows us to share voice, data and video with total freedom. With Fluidity, that freedom is now available for high-bandwidth mission critical applications.”


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