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Product Availability
Last Update : 2018/03/05
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Question / Issue
Could you please tell me the lead time or shipping availability is for these products?

Answer / Solution
Many of our products will state a Normally Ships time right on our product pages, this is based on information provided to us by the manufacturer and is subject to change on a daily basis.The normal lead-time for most products is 1-3 days for off the shelf products. This is the time from when you place your order until it is shipped. Many products are assembled based on a specific configuration. For example, a digital video recorder may be built with the hard-drive that you order or a pan, tilt, zoom camera system may be built based on the mount, camera module, indoor/outdoor configuration.These products typically take 3-7 days. Another thing that may cause a delay in you receiving your product is based upon where the product is shipping to. Some states have restriction that prevent us from drop-shipping directly to them and we have to ship the products to Colorado and then to you. Note: If this applies to your state and you select any shipping method other than ground, we will ship the product to us via ground and then to you via the method you selected. If you need your product sooner, you will need to contact us to pay for shipping from the manufacturer to Colorado and then shipping form us to you. We would be happy to check availability for you, simple submit a ticket through our help desk that includes: (1) Product Name  (2) Product Part Number (3) Quantity (4) Where you are shipping to.

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