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Collection of how to, best practices, and white papers relating to Network Video
Last Update : 2011/09/09
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Question / Issue
What are the benefits to Network Video and what should I know before purchasing a network security camera?

Answer / Solution

Accent Alarms has converted to installing network (IP) security cameras in most situations.  We have put together a collection of information in the related links belows.

Related Links
Axis Technical Guide to Network Video (pdf - 120 pages)
Technologies and factors to consider for successful deplayment of IP-based video
Axis - An Explanation of video compression techniques
16 page guide to video compression as it relates specifically to video surveillance
Axis IP-Surveillance Design Guide (pdf 50 pages)
Setting up an IP-Surveillance system using network cameras, video encoders and software
Dispelling the Top 10 Myths of IP Surveillance (pdf 24 pages) reprint
Axis HDTV and Video Surveillance (pdf 8 pages)
White Paper discussing HDTV as it applies to video surveillance
Which has a better zoom (pdf 5 pages)
Article, with examples, comparing 18X to 36X Zoom Capabilities

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