Payment Security

Making a purchase at is 100% Secure & Safe!

When we request personal information from you (such as your credit card number), it is always done on secure servers.

Click our Secure Site seal on the right side of our website for details.

For additional security, Accent Alarms, Inc does not maintain or keep your credit card information either on paper or electronically! This is all done using a secure and encrypted electronic payment gateway. Your credit card information is never stored on website or in any of our databases.

Federal law limits your liability for unauthorized charges to your account. The Fair Credit Billing Act states that your credit card company (creditor) cannot hold you liable for more than $50 in the unlikely event a fraudulent charge occurs on your account.

In the unlikely event of a fraudulent use of your credit card at, you must notify your credit card company in accordance with its rules and procedures. only covers this liability if the unauthorized use of your card resulted through no fault of your own from purchases made at while using our secure servers.

Your security is our priority. All on-line ordering information you submit will be transmitted via a secure servers. A secure server uses a protective mechanism called SSL encryption (industry standard security through your browser). We use "Security Site Extended Validation SSL, which includes the Extended Validation seal.  This means that when you are using a SSL connection your browser bar should turn green to indicate that you are using a secure 265-bit encrypted connection. Please click the Logo on right side our website for details. It supports industry-standard SSL encryption. When you enter your credit card number into the order form, it is transmitted across the Internet in an encrypted (scrambled) form, and then decoded when it gets to our online Processor/Banking Service for immediate and secure processing. Information regarding your payment details and your order will be kept confidential and used only to process your order.

For safer transmissions, with any site, configure your browser security settings to:

1. Alert you when toggling between secure and insecure transmission modes.

2. Warn you about failed site authentication before your data is sent to a suspicious site.

3. Notify you when you transmit over an "open" or unsecured connection. You can also look for the following safety signs: Security icons such as a "closed lock" in Microsoft Internet Explorer or an "unbroken key" in Netscape Navigator.


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