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Accent Alarms provides video solutions by most of the leading manufacturers of video surveillance products. Several manufactures make outstanding video surveillance products.

In our opinion, you can't go wrong by choosing either Pelco or Bosch. Considering installation ease and image quality we feel that the Bosch imaging products (cameras) are the overall best cameras available. This is especially true when considering image quality, product durability and installer friendly designs. There is no way to go wrong by choosing Bosch and Accent Alarms for your video surveillance solution.

It is extremely important to realize that not all cameras, recorders, and video products are the "same". There is NO comparison to the products we sell to the products found at the "Large" retail stores. A video system, to be effective, must be manufactured to commercial/industrial standards opposed to consumer grade products.

Commercial/industrial grade products and the components within them are designed to operator (work) 24/7/365 opposed to consumer grade components that may be designed to work only a few hours per day or week. Consumer grade components have no place in an effective security system!

A video system can give you the peace of mind that no other system can. When used in conjunction with other security measures (e.g. a security alarm, outdoor lighting) you achieve a level of security far beyond the simplistic systems sold by many other security dealers. Not only do video systems document events, they act as an extremely strong deterrent.

Accent Alarms is a leading single-source supplier of Closed Circuit Television and video surveillance equipment, intrusion alarm controls and detectors.

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