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Security Alarm Myths

Security Alarm Myths

You may be asking yourself a ton of questions about burglar alarm systems. Are they for me? Can I afford one? Are they difficult to use and install? Let's run through the myths of burglar alarm systems and try to put your concerns to rest:

Myth #1: They're too expensive. These days, a burglar alarm system is quite affordable – you can get a basic system for as little as a few hundred dollars. At Accent Alarms we make the overall cost of owning a security system very reasonable. While it may sound attractive to lease a system with an open ended automatically renewing contract it could cost you 3X-to-4X over the next ten years. With Accent Alarms you purchase the equipment (often for the same price you would pay to lease a system from one of the big corporate security companies) and we provide professional installation (or you can install it yourself!) and charge a modest fee ($15-per-month) without requiring you to sign up for a multi-year contact.

Myth #2: I don't need one; I have insurance. Insurance exists to replace lost, stolen, or damaged property. But insurance can't:

  • Deter a burglar. A home without a security system is three times more likely to be burglarized.

  • Rush a burglar. Should a burglar break into your home, they know they have a limited amount of time before the police will show up. This can prevent a burglar from pulling up to your house with a moving truck or rummaging through all your personal belongings.

  • Scare off a burglar. Should a burglar ignore the Accent Alarms yard-sign and/or window stickers they will likely quickly leave the scene upon activating the alarm system. Often without taking or doing a single thing to your home.

  • Peace of Mind. With an Accent Alarms, Inc. security system:

    • You will know immediately upon arriving at your home that nobody else is or has been in your home. One of the worst scenarios is for you to catch a burglar in the act.

    • You will know if someone is "hiding” in your home. With Home/Sleep/Away features you can easily set your alarm system to protect you with three different levels of protection based on your intended movement within your home.

    • If when you or a family member comes home and an intruder "forces” you to turn off your system, you have the ability to silently send an emergency cry for help to the police. This type of signal to the police department receives an extremely high priority and could prevent the unthinkable from happening to you, your spouse, or your children.

    • All Accent Alarms, Inc’s alarm systems come with a feature called "activity monitor” to allow a notification signal to be sent if there is no movement detected in the home. This is the perfect feature for helping you provide assistance to a family member who might have a medical condition or be home alone frequently. All of our alarm systems are capable of sending either panic or emergency signals to the police department, medical, or fire from any and/or all your keypads.

    • All of our alarm systems are capable of using wireless remotes control buttons that can be programmed to call the police department, medical assistance, or even to just call someone you select with special instructions.

Myth #3: There's no value. You may never need it, but the small total cost will pale in comparison to the losses you could realize without protection. Imagine the guilt you may prevent!

Myth #4: They're too hard to use. Operating a burglar alarm system can be as simple as memorizing a few numbers that make up your passcode. We can even elect to use a keypad that uses proximity technology so you don’t even need to remember your passcode. Simply present the proximity credential to the keypad! Accent Alarms uses quality equipment from DMP, one of the industry’s most respected manufacturers, that uses an extremely simple text based (our keypads all have 2-line 32 character text displays) for user interface.

Myth #5: The system won't work if my phone lines are cut or I lose power. All of our burglar alarm systems are equipped with sophisticated battery backup systems that kick in right away should your power fail. We can also provide backup communications devices either using the internet or cellular backup units.

Myth #6: False alarms will have us "crying wolf." Our burglar alarm systems allow you to cancel and/or verify alarms yourself. There are also audible delay features to give authorized personnel time to prove to the monitoring station that they belong there. Our systems have the most advanced false alarm features in the industry. To learn more about these features click here.

Myth #7: They take too long to install. A burglar alarm system for a small-to-medium sized home can be installed in 4-8 hours. We can have your alarm up and running and you trained within a single workday.

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