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Alarm Scams

Avoiding Alarm Scams

In the monitored alarm industry, ”trunk slammers” refers to salespeople who sell cheap, unreliable alarm systems directly out of their cars, and then slam the trunks shut and drive away. Trunk slammers reach customers by going door-to-door to homes and businesses with promises of cheap or even free security systems.  They explain the benefits of owning a security system and quickly get customers to sign a contract for monitoring service. These people may not have appropriate installation experience, insurance coverage, or the ability to enforce warranties.

Accent Alarms, Inc. will meet with you at your home or office to find the alarm system that best works for you – trunk slammers have little concern for the type of system you want. Their goal is to convince you to sign a long-term contract with a monitoring company.   Once you do, they will sell your signed contract to an alarm system company for a nice commission and disappear. Rarely, if ever, will you hear from them again. Sensor stops working? You’re out of luck. The monitoring company doubles your rate? Too bad. The victims of these scammers are often stuck with subpar, poorly installed systems and a contract that they can’t get out of.

Here are some things to keep in mind to avoid being swindled by a trunk slammer:

  • Some warning signs. Despite what a trunk slammer may tell you, the alarm system is not free. The cost of the equipment is usually built into the monthly pricing for monitoring service. Also, be careful about who you provide with your social security number or bank information. Legitimate alarm dealers do require this information for credit checks but will show you proof that it will be used for its intended purpose. It’s unlikely a trunk slammer can offer that same disclosure.

 Accent Alarms …

    • You own the system!  It’s not a leased system that you pay $20-$30 a month for the next decade and ownership is NOT contingent upon signing up with our monitoring service.

    • We are not in the business of "Selling” accounts.  Our primary method of new business is through referrals and our reputation.  We guarantee your satisfaction and hope that you will tell someone about us.

    • We will NEVER ask for your social security number or other private information, we have gone so far as providing you with a means to use our secure server (with a $1M guarantee by Network Solutions) so we may never need even your credit card information.

  • Driver’s side customer service? A legitimate alarm system dealer doesn’t need to have a lavish office in the center of town, but they should have a phone number where they can be reached and a physical address – not a P.O. Box.

Accent Alarms, Inc… we offer numerous ways to contact us:

  • Take your time. Buying an alarm system is a decision that could affect the safety of your loved ones or colleagues, in addition to your property. Don’t let a salesman rush you into a decision with lines like "I just need to meet my quota for the month” or "this deal is only good today, the sale ends tomorrow.”

Accent Alarms …

    • We have our entire product offering online for you to research, compare, and purchase. 

    • We believe in what we do; we truly have better products, service and prices and want you to make the decision that is best for you, your family, or your business.  Satisfied clients are good for our business and our industry!

  • You get what you pay for. An old adage, but appropriate when discussing trunk slammers. They are going to focus on the most obvious benefit to most consumers – low price. A free or very cheap system will include only a few contacts for doors and windows, an inadequate or outdated alarm panel, and low-quality motion sensors. That may not be enough protection for your home or business.

Accent Alarms …

    • Check out our line card and the manufactures we have chosen and you will see that we are about quality products.  Not necessarily the Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Rolls Royce but solid, reliable, and reputable with a commitment to long term customer satisfaction.

  • A matter of trust. Be very wary of dealing with someone that can’t connect you with the monitoring service that will handle your account. Did the salesperson provide you with a phone number for service? Can you be ensured that you are in their database and will be connected with a service representative that will help you?

Accent Alarms …

    • Accent Alarms uses C.O.P.S. Monitoring Service.  You can research them at  with every monitored system we provide a monitoring brochure that includes a pass card with all pertinent information on it.

  • Who’s watching over you again? Alarm system scammers get you to sign monitoring contracts but rarely take the time to explain how monitoring works or even which monitoring company is watching over your home or business. Will you be guaranteed that the monitoring station will contact you if you experience an intrusion or an equipment malfunction?

Accent Alarms …

    • See previous…

  • Certifiably legitimate. Check that the salesperson is a certified installer and officially contracted to work for a particular alarm company. Many non-profit organizations require strict testing to certify an alarm dealer and if the salesperson is licensed, you can put a little more faith in their workmanship and commitment to service.

Accent Alarms …

    • Although the Denver metro area does not currently have a "certified” installer program our installers have completed training by the manufacturers to ensure that you receive knowledgeable support and a quality installation.

    • Accent Alarms is a licensed business in the State of Colorado.

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