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General Information on HID 125kHz Proximity Readers
Last Update : 2014/01/24
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Question / Issue
Where can I find more information on HID's 125kHz proximity cards/credentials and readers?

Answer / Solution

HID has forced us to remove this FAQ:

HID is a Federally Registered Trademark #3329275. (That's what the tell us anyways) Accent Alarms is not an affiliate of HID nor does HID "endorse" HID (a Federally Registered Trademark #3329275) was worried that you might confuse us so we had to comply with their legal demands.  We also cannot provide you with their datasheets, installation sheets or even provide you with a link to their website. May we suggest that you consider using Xceed ID Readers and Credentials as they will allow you to review their datasheets and use their name without being contacted by their legal team.  Please feel free to contact us, we would love to assist you, although HID (that's still a federally registered trade name, but not affiliated with us) is working very hard to prevent you from getting assistance.

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