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Direct Print ISO Proximity Card (HID 1386 Compatible)

The ISO Proximity Card. It is ISO 7810 compliant, with a nominal thickness of .030. Price is for 100 Cards per unit.  Price is for Xceed ID (7510) cards, which in our opinion are better and are available in 3-4 days (opposed to 2-3 weeks from HID).  We can order your cards from HID, simply choose the option to "No, use HID original cards"


HID 5355 ProxPro Proxmity Reader

The HID ProxPro proximity card reader


HID 5355KP ProxPro Proxmity Reader with Keypad

The HID ProxPro with Keypad HID-5355KP proximity card.


HID 5365 MiniProx Proxmity Reader

The HID MiniProx (HID 5365) access control proximity reader.


HID 5395 Thinline II Proximty Reader

The HID ThinLine II, HID-5395, proximity reader.


HID 5455 ProxPro II Proximity Reader

The HID ProxPro II (HID 5455) proximity reader.


HID MicroProx Adhesive diskHID 1391

The HID MicroProx Tag. Sold per 100.


HID ProxCard II Compatible Proximity Card (100 Cards)

The Clamshell Proximity Card is a clamshell proximity access card.  Unless specified below we will be using the compatible Xceed ID 7410 version of these credentials.


HID Proximity Cards HID-1324

Clear guard protection label.


HID ProxKey II Proximity KeyFOBHID 1346

The Proximity KeyFOB is a proximity keyfob offering proximity technology in a convenient, pocket size device. Sold in quantities of 100. Key ring is not included. 

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