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Labor Saving Devices FLW18, LED Flexible Light Wand

This bright LED torch provides 360 degrees of directional, brilliant, high intensity light. Perfect for wire and cable installation applications, the flex shaft retains its shape and can be inserted into small access points (approx. 1/2 dia.) to illuminate between walls, between joists or in other confined spaces.


Labor Saving Devices GRL, Grabbit Clip-on Flashlight (2-Pack)

These small LED flashlights come with a slide-on custom mount to easily secure to the tip end of your Grabbit telescoping poles. Just securely slide one onto the small end section of your Grabbit pole with a friction fit to provide focused light on the Grabbit Z-Tip or other specialized Grabbit tips. Capture wire easily with the bright focused light. Remove from your pole before collapsing for storage. Packaged in a convenient 2-Pack with two lights and two mounts.


Labor Saving Devices TRI1, Trident Head Lamp w/Batteries

The Trident Head Light is designed for superior functionality and versatility with a focus on comfort. There are many head lamps available, but the Trident is truly unique because it combines a super bright krypton bulb with three 100,000 hour life LEDs to provide adjustable three levels of lighting for short, medium and long distances. The beam is adjustable for spotlight to floodlight focus and the light unit offers a six position beam angle system so you can vertically angle the beam up and down a full 90 degrees to concentrate the light in the area needed. The headlamp is lightweight (only 5 oz. and sized under 3) with long battery life (more than 150 hours on 3 AAA batteries when using the single LED light setting). Batteries included.

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