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Axis 0344-001, Axis T92E05 Protective Housing

The Axis 0344-001 is a protective camera housing for P13XX, M11XX and Q1755. Die cast aluminum casing and wallbracket, polycarbonate sunshield. sunshield, wallbracket, 5m network cable and screwdriver included

Axis 5500-871, Varifocal MegaPixel Lens 2.4-6mm

The Axis 5500-871 is a CS mount varifocal Megapixel Lens 2.4-6mm DC Iris for Axis P1344 and Axis 211M/223M. Includes CS mount ring for Axis 223M

Axis 5502-221, Varifocal MegaPixel Lens 5-50mm

The Axis 5502-221 is a CS mount varifocal Megapixel Lens 5-50mm DC Iris for Axis P1344 and AXSIS 211M.

Axis 5502-451, Theia Fixedfocal Megapixel 1.7MM

The Axis 5502-451 is a wideangle lens without barrel distortion. CS mount Fixedfocal Lens 1.7 mm DC-Iris for Axis P1343 and Axis P1344.

Axis 5502-741, Lens CS 16mm F1.8 MP

The Axis 5502-741 is a Fixed Iris Megapixel Lens 16mm, F1.8, CS mount for Axis M1103/4

Axis 5502-751, Lens CS VF 2.2-6mm F1.3 DC-IMP

The Axis 5502-751 is a varifocal 2.4-6mm DC-Iris Megapixel Lens, F1.3, CS mount for Axis M1113/4

Axis 5502-761, Lens CS VF 15-50mm F1.5 DC-IMP

The Axis 5502-761 is a varifocal Mega Pixel DC-Iris Lens 15-50mm, F1.5, CS mount, for Axis M1113/14

Axis 5502-801, Lens CS 9-20mm F=1.6 P-Iris 5mp

The Axis 5502-801 is a varifocal 5 Mega Pixel P-Iris Lens 9- 20mm, F1.6, CS mount, IR-corrected, for Axis P1347 and Axis P1346 firmware release 5.20 (or later)
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